the collective philosophy

Great advertising agencies build businesses; they do not just create great ads. We believe that the work we produce for our client partners makes the needle shift positively to achieve their strategic goals. In an age where technology and humanity meet seamlessly we develop methods that leverage on digital communication technology to effectively engage consumers through relevant touch points. Marketing communications has ceased to be a one-way-street and has to be interactive to be successful. We believe that interactiveness in Africa touches the lives of the consumer where they are and in ways that they can respond

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Promotion of brands through mediated means involving mutual action between consumers and producers.

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cutting edge technology

Technology at the frontiers of knowledge.

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shifting the needle

To make a noticeable difference, in reference to a seismograph needle, i.e. earth shaking.


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social media marketing

We translate your brand’s essence into conversations and content that is shared among friends, who are connected on social networks. Through ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing we allow you to really ‘mean something’ to people in the spaces where they spend a lot of their time.


  • social media strategy
  • content strategy & planning
  • social network app design
  • community management
  • blogger & online influencer engagement
  • social media training
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digital marketing

Today 1 in 3 people across the world regularly access the internet, and digital media is more important now than ever before. We strengthen your brands visibility online to drive purchase consideration and sales, helping you to achieve your revenue and market share targets.


  • digital marketing strategy
  • website design
  • mobile app design
  • search engine marketing
  • digital & social media crisis management
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interactive field marketing

With on-the-ground brand activations and mobile marketing we get your brands to permeate within the mass market in Africa to support your digital marketing activities. These marketing activities are guided by practical local knowledge with cultural nuances in view.


  • point-of-sale activations
  • consumer road shows
  • mobile marketing
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social listening

We identify and analyse what is being said about brands on the internet. Social media is quickly becoming an important customer intelligence tool. It is really where we begin your marketing communication activities and where we evaluate the impact of our interventions.


  • Online conversation, auditing & landscape analysis
  • Identification of online influencers
  • Measurement & analytics
  • Analysis, reporting & optimization


our thoughts

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Is Africa Ready for Advertising ROI Measurement?

  • Posted by The Collective
  • On August 31, 2020

Media research organizations in Africa are failing to drive insights that will justify the incredible growth of advertising expenditure on the continent. Accord

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Board Of Directors

Joe Otin – CEO, The Collective
Isaac Awuondo – NCBA Bank
Ramesh Shah – Ritz Enterprises
Paul Mwai – AIB Capital
Kathleen Onyango – Fierce Jewel Clothing


The Collective team is dynamic and vibrant with significant experience in the Pan-African advertising industry. Our local knowledge and creativity is nurtured in a positive family environment. Our working philosophy is simple and is based on 4 principles namely Vision, Progress, Learning & Fun.

Our Skills

social media
digital marketing
interactive field marketing
social listening

A Little About Us

  • Everything we do must have a vision
  • In whatever we do there must be progress
  • We learn from our experiences and colleagues
  • We have fun!

our values

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you have a true partner in us who is acutely concerned about your success; who listens and understands you; is honest and aligned to your vision, and is willing to pay the price for mutual wins.

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our interactive marketing solutions cut through the clutter, engage your customers with relevance, and influence positive actions towards your brand because we are dedicated to deliver intelligent, unique and effective campaigns

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fulfilling your overall goal while keeping to budget and meeting deadlines is critical and that is why we take a detailed approach to campaign strategy based on penetrating customer insights that unlock growth, and capped with flawless execution.

our clients

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