Can Women Be Chivalrous?

Your Partner’s Favorite Month…

September is probably every man’s favorite month because it is take your man on a date month. Yup, you heard it right! In theory it sounds fun and exciting but the question is, are ladies ready to drop the “baby girl treatment” and are men ready to drop the “traditional man” act? Are they willing to let their women spoil them for a day, week, maybe even month?

It is no secret that ladies are known for expecting their men to pay for everything. Basically sit back and relax as your mister opens the door for you, offer you their jackets when it’s cold, picks and drops you from home and you know what,  it may be time for the tables to turn! Take that man on a date, he deserves it! Plan the perfect day or night out, and get this… It is only works, when you pay for it 😉

Instagram VS Reality

We have all seen that couple on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook that never seems to stay home. Every weekend is something new! A road trip adventure, wine tasting, romantic date… You name it, they have probably been there- twice! Coming up with fun and fresh date ideas doesn’t have to be stressful, so here are some ideas to get your inspiration flowing!

  • Something sporty -Watch his favorite team play, go for GP karting, zip lining or paintballing.
  • Coffee date – We have so many coffee shops these days, I’ve lost track. Make it more exciting by taking a personality test together, or playing board or card games
  • Food and wine tasting -Try out different cheeses and wine… A little (responsible) day drinking never hurt anybody!
  • Double dates – Get to kill two birds with one stone; Hanging out with your friends while still being with your partner
  • Buy a canvas and paint portraits of each other This makes for a fun activity for all. Throw in some drinks and food and make an evening of it

No Excuses Ladies!

Whether it is your first date or your anniversary, the aim is to get yourselves out there and do something fun, memorable and unique. In this social media era, we tend to forget how to live in the moment and create new experiences. Get out there, do something fun, and paint the town red. Social media isn’t real life, appearances are just that… Appearances.

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