Your Resolutions Won’t Work If You Won’t Either!


Year in, year out, we all hear the 3 infamous words –‘New year’s resolution’. Now for some this may fill them with hope and excitement for a new beginning. While for others, you’ve probably rolled your eyes twice before you’ve gotten to this sentence. (You know yourselves)

At first glance, resolutions can seem unsuccessful because by February, you’ve already given up on what you set out to do. Well, that’s just the thing! If you don’t put in the discipline, December will come by before you know it and you would’ve only checked 3 out of 10 things off your list (If you’re lucky).



Of course not! Okay well maybe…But that can change! Sometimes you must realize that the only thing setting you back from your goals – is you. If you’ve watched the iconic Snoop Dogg speech where he thanks himself for showing up and doing the work- then you know that you’ve got to be your number one fan! Remember that it’s all mind over matter. If you’re keen, it can take just 30 days to form a habit! That’s right. That thing that you’ve been putting off for years, can be tackled in months. But how? 



Lots of blogs and self-help coaches will tell you being disciplined means waking up at 5, drinking spirulina every morning… But the first step is to be brutally honest with yourself. If you’re not a morning person- you’re not! And honestly even if it does wonders, spirulina doesn’t taste that great. But honesty means that you can set realistic goals. So get a pen and paper (or open your notes app) and honestly evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. 



The only person you should be in competition with, is yesterday’s version of yourself. Everyone is on their own path and journey, and if it isn’t motivating you, then it’s bringing you down. Don’t look at another people’s achievements and feel that you MUST do the same thing. Your life is tailored to you. So work with what you’ve got, and move up from there! ( Kinda feeling like the self-help coaches we were talking about above)  



Forget all the pressure around entering the new year as the best version of yourself. The aim is to do your best every day, making slow and steady steps. Be honest with yourself, move at your own pace, and before you know it your inner child will be looking at you with admiration for doing the things they couldn’t. We hope you are having a pressure-free 2023 so far, and that your year continues on the same trajectory! 

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