How Do Brands Get Us To Buy Stuff??


From Christmas to New Years, Valentine’s Day to Black Friday. If you pay attention, most if not all your favorite brands hold major sales and discounts during the holidays. And let’s face it; it works! 50% off on the sweater, PlayStation game or tech gadget you have been wanting? Who would pass that up! But as much as the numbers get you into a ‘spending mood’, how else do brands lure you? 



Have you ever come across an ad, and felt like it was speaking directly to you? Like eerily direct? Well firstly, give it up for their social listening team because they’re doing their job well. But secondly, it means that the brand has gathered enough insight to know what your interests are. (Or perhaps they’re listening in on you, who knows…) 



FOMO, or better known as the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ is a very real phenomenon. We live in an age where we share everything on social media, and if we don’t have the latest phone, or visit the trendiest spot- then we feel left out. Through offers and sales, brands make us feel that this is an opportunity that we simply cannot miss out on. We end up thinking, “20% discount for a limited time? Whew, better catch this now before the sale ends!” 



We all have something that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A puppy dressed in a Christmas sweater? The kids making sandcastles on the beach while you sip on a piña colada ? These are the images brands will use to create an emotional connection with what they’re selling. They make you want to create and share the same memories with your own families and friends – and obviously who doesn’t love a piña colada ?! 



Our advice- invest in what means the most to you! There are lots of fun and heartwarming gifts that you can share with your people, or spoil yourself with. We’ve seen bloggers curating gift guides, and lots of creative ads are being put out to emphasise this. All In all, enjoy what gives you pleasure as much as you can! Just don’t overspend… 😉 

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