Introducing the Piet Smit Achiever of the Year!

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “We must become the change we want to see,” and our CEO Joe Otin embodies just that!

With decades of experience and expertise in the advertising industry, it was no surprise that Joe was recognized as the Piet Smit Achiever of the Year by the Pan-African Media Research Organization (PAMRO), during the 24th annual All Africa Media Research Conference held in Casablanca, Morocco. This award celebrates the effort and contribution to scientific media research, which in turn grows this sector of the industry in both digital and traditional media. While receiving his award, PAMRO vice president Oscar Tshifure says, “Otin has played a significant role in driving the use of media research across the continent to boost business confidence and profitability in the media and advertising sectors.”  


Joe Otin is the CEO of The Collective, chairperson of the Advertising Standards Board of Kenya and is a past president of PAMRO. His passion for storytelling drives his dream of a creative revolution, inspiring all those who play a role in the world of media. Taking the time to understand individuals, communities, and the global environment ensures our communication approach is successful. How we interact with one another, the socio-economic landscape and even social media trends are all aspects we should be cognisant of. 


Those who have been awarded the PAMRO will tell you success does not come overnight. Media excellence is as a result of years of intentional learning, re-learning, and the dedication to leaving the world a better place than how you found it. If you are reading this as a young creative with the hopes of producing revolutionary work, Joe Otin will tell you that it is absolutely possible. His inspiring journey over the years serves as beacon of hope that we all have a contribution to make towards a more sustainable future. 


Once again, The Collective sends our heartfelt congratulations to Joe Otin, and we look forward to many more well-deserved awards that highlight your remarkable work in the advertising industry! 

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