Monkey see, but monkey please don’t do!

Been there, done that! 

Do you sometimes scroll through your phone and think to yourself, “huh, I don’t have one original thought! Already listened to that song, watched that film, eaten at that restaurant – and the fish wasn’t even as good as the Foodfluencer said it was!” (Yup, Foodfluencer is a word now). There is a plethora of information, trends, and opinions on the internet at any given moment and in the midst of it all, it can be difficult to know how we actually feel about things. 

Not your circus, definitely not your monkey 

Okay, okay enough monkey references for a day, on to the serious stuff now. When our favourite celebrities get dragged on the internet their fanbase will fight through hell and fire to defend them. When a TikTok dance starts trending, some of us stop everything we’re doing to pick up a ring light and film ourselves. Do we know WHY we do these things and WHY they are so important to us? This doesn’t only apply to audiences. Marketers and ad agencies, you’re in the mix as well! Consuming content is a cycle from artist to recipient, therefore we all have a role to play in ensuring we bring new and fresh ideas, instead of only feeding off others creativity. But how? We’ll stop swinging on the monkey bars and tell you! (Now THIS was the last reference.) 

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery… I think 

We have all come across this cliché phrase which in Layman’s language means if you have copycats, you’re doing a great job! As content creators or those in the advertising field, it is our duty to constantly explore the digital world in order to put out original and creative content. Creating new apps or redefining how our current apps can be used, using our voices to speak up on important topics, heck even creating travel content in a unique way could positively take the world by storm. As for our audiences, it is your duty to be intentional about the content you consume and be honest about what you do with the information at your disposal. Is it educating and inspiring, or do you just want to have one of your tweets going viral? Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it must have your input. The bandwagon isn’t always where the fun is at, it is where originality stems from! 

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