Put All Your Easter Eggs In One Basket!

We Have A Secret To Confess…

Don’t tell anyone but we are absolutely obsessed with Easter eggs! Not just the gooey and chocolatey ones, but the eggs found in films. If you’re not a film geek like we are, then you might be asking yourself what an Easter egg in film is. Simply put, these are references cleverly hidden that depict a product, message, or even an inside joke! They make a film more exciting to watch because you’ll find yourself “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” when you figure them out.

Here Are Some Eggcellent References!

We can feel you rolling your eyes on the account of the term ‘eggcellent’… Moving on swiftly, allow us to share some of our favourite Easter eggs that we could watch again and again! First up is the infamous ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’ starring Will Smith that tells the touching story of the difficult life Chris Gardener lived. At the end of the film and after some of the best acting ever, we see a gentleman passing Will Smith and his son on the street. This is the actual Chris Gardener who made a cameo in the film! Another favourite would be the amazing ‘Fight Club’. What is the first rule of fight club?? Don’t worry, we ‘ll talk about it this one time! In the film, there is a Starbucks cup in every scene – and we mean EVERY scene! The director did this to mock how popular the brand is. Can you imagine the attention to detail David Fincher had to pay in order to execute this?

Should You Include Easter Eggs In Your Content? 

You know, Easter eggs are not just for the viewers to enjoy. Directors and creators are able to expand their creativity by including hidden references in their art. They are also a way for artists to uniquely create because they are able to (in)conspicuously express themselves or a message. Are Easter eggs found in films alone? No! You can place Easter eggs in your social media content if you would like! The beauty is that you are given the freedom to play around with different ideas and give your audiences a fun challenge as they engage with your content. Rewatch your favourite films and discover the references they have strategically placed, and you’ll fall in love with them all over again!  

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