Work Smarter Not Harder!

Body aches, inability to relax, interrupted sleep… Relatable? We hope not because these are some of the signs of burnout at work! It’s a terrible feeling to be both physically and mentally exhausted, but still having to be productive. However, if you do relate to these symptoms then not to worry, The Collective is to the rescue! Here are some of our tips on working smarter not harder, to make sure you are the best (and well rested) version of yourself: 

  1. Stop multitasking! It may seem doable to send in your deliveries all in one day, but we can tell you for a fact that this will only confuse you more! Focus on one task at a time for maximum output. 
  1. Take breaks – One of our favourite quotes is “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” Therefore to make sure you are productive in your work, make sure you are taking breaks to recharge. 
  1. Delegate work according to your energy levels – If you are more alert in the morning, you should focus on your bigger tasks instead of leaving them for the afternoon. That’s when a nap would come in handy! 
  1. Turn off your notifications/distractions – Seeing our phones light up or hearing that “DING!” will definitely interrupt your mojo, and you may end up spending the rest of your day watching Instagram lives or TikToks. Save that for when you clock out!  
  1. Honorary mention to the ‘Pomodoro Technique’. This is where you focus on work for 25 minutes straight, take a 5-minute break and repeat until you have completed your tasks. 

Avoiding a burnout can be tricky, but when you are aware of it looks like you are able to take a rest when need be. Give some of our tips a go and let us know how they work for you! 

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