Why Habit Swapping Is A Term You Need to Know…NOW!

Okay, okay, you got me. ‘Habit swapping’ is a Gen Z term buuut, I am writing this in good faith; there are countless of self-help books that walk you through the steps and affirmations towards a healthy lifestyle, and this article sums it all up for you. Let’s start by defining what habit swapping actually is, and by the end of this a number of us may need an intervention, or two. 

Habit swapping is taking all those traits and tendencies that we know are holding us back and replacing them with healthier, holistic practices. Do you stay up scrolling on Twitter then wonder why you wake up with a headache? Does your salary come in and the spirit of home cooked meals leaves your body? Is taking out 20 minutes of your day to exercise a daunting task? Well we’ve got some news for you; you’ve got some reflection to do! More often than not, we know these practices aren’t doing us good, but we have fallen into the trap of familiarity. Here are a few swaps I’ve noticed works for me, that will definitely work for you too! 

  1. Taking those 30 minutes before bed to read, meditate or do some writing. This guarantees better sleep as compared to reading tweets until I fall asleep. 
  1. Meal prepping at the end of the week to give the delivery guys from my favourite restaurant a little break – oh, and saving money of course. 
  1. Using my free time to acquire a new skill instead of watching food TikTok videos, because which one of these habits can I put on my CV? 

If you are like me and struggle with getting out of your comfort zone, one thing I remind myself is that I am doing all this for my greater good. You will never regret waking up earlier, getting that workout in and saving your money. By thinking and working towards the end goal, it makes the in-between, confusing moments easier to get through. Remember, habit swapping looks different for everybody. So get your thinking caps on and deduce which aspects of your life need a 360, and do the necessary! 

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