Myspace Vs TikTok. How different are we on these apps?

Myspace? More like our space                                                                        

Myspace is one of the first applications we can attribute to the rise of social media. With over 25 million users, Myspace carried the internet years of ’05 – ’09 on its back with low quality selfies and the coolest kids on the block sharing music. It was an exciting time because now we could communicate and share our interests on the internet… How mind blowing, right?

Myspace propagated pop culture and users shared images, music, and even video links to their favourite stories. Technology wasn’t advanced, so the luxury of accessing your phone by simply scanning your face wasn’t there. Remember at the time computers still had a protruding back! But with the ease and simplicity of using social media today, how different is our interaction on TikTok?

The growth of TikTok                                                                                           

Launched in 2016, TikTok has quickly and impressively become the most used global app – surpassing Google! With over 800 million active users spending more than 50 minutes a day, TikTok has become the benchmark for content creation and now advertising. TikTok offers a very organic reach, meaning content creators and brands can grow a lot quicker on this app. From food, music, sports, to even veterinary care, there is a side of TikTok for everyone.

Is Gen Z the blueprint?                                                                                            

Older folks are more inclined to bash TikTok especially due to its bulk in a young user base (70% of users are between 16 – 24 years) leaving the rest of the crowd feeling like it cannot relate. But don’t forget how many of our popular apps actually begun. Facebook was intended for students but look at its reach now. Gen X moved to Instagram and found their parents and uncles on it and now they’re using TikTok. See the trend?

The quick rise of TikTok has brought about immense amounts of engagement, interaction, and monetary value for both the application and its users. For this reason, many brands and businesses have found themselves on TikTok wondering which dances their staff should be taking part of. But it isn’t just about the dances and lip syncs. We have a more profound view on social media apps and their influence from the MySpace era, therefore the medium of short videos with trendy music may not be such a bad idea for your business! We wonder which app will be taking the stage next. Any thoughts?

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